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Mobile phones are ubiquitous and in the UK, most people consider their phone an essential and integral part of everyday life. Using them to communicate in various ways, organise their lives, entertain themselves with music, video and photography, the mobile phone is the single most important personal media product bar none.

With over £3.1 billion currently being spent on mobile content each year and indications suggesting that this figure will rise rapidly, it is clear that the growing 70 million 3G mobile phones provide valuable opportunities for those seeking to create sales through targeted mobile marketing communications.

Your partner for mobile marketing success

Today’s consumers use their mobile phones to research services, buy products, enter competitions and manage their lifestyles. This activity has not gone unnoticed by retailers and most major brands are now ready to invest in mobile marketing to access this vast opportunity.

BusinessGen has the skills, expertise and know-how to help you bring your brand together with your consumers. The mobile marketing trend is set to continue growing and offers exceptionally cost effective and powerful ways for your business to stand out.

Massive mobile phone usage creates an unprecedented way into consumers lives and market data shows that mobile uptake is still growing. Make sure your business is ahead of the competition with well thought out, cost effective mobile marketing communications from BusinessGen.

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