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Premium SMS – market your products whilst increasing your revenue

Premium SMS is a service BusinessGen offers to businesses looking to increase their brand awareness, market their products and at the same time, recoup revenue. It really is a marketing match made in heaven and, with the help of the SMS marketing experts at BusinessGen you will find premium SMS is an invaluable resource for your business.

We have all been exposed to premium SMS services, whether you’re aware of it or not. Shows like Big Brother, This Morning and GMTV utilise the service in competitions, i.e. text your answer to 60800, or vote for your favourite by texting their name to 60800.

The scope for Premium SMS services is endless

Premium SMS services can be used in the following fields:

  • Weather reports
  • News outbreaks
  • Stock market alerts
  • Exam results
  • TV show votes
  • Chat services
  • Ring tones
  • Sports scores
  • Horoscope services
  • SMS dating

Premium SMS can be a subscription or a onetime, depending on the service being offered. Subscription services include sports updates; an example would be signing up to a subscription that sends you an SMS every time the football team you support scores a goal. Onetime services might include reservation details, bank statements or purchasing ringtones. A customer can register for such services by texting a defined number or by filling out an online request form.

BusinessGen is one of the UK’s leading premium SMS service providers. We offer premium SMS marketing solutions to national and international clients. To see what these can do for your business, call 029 2009 0293 today.