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Websites for mobile phones – your business at the forefront of technology

Websites for mobile phones have broadened in capability, with recent technological advancements meaning that businesses can no longer ignore the mobile internet market. The Mobile Web has been developed as a worldwide initiative to encourage mobile device users to receive and access content and services while on the move.

The vital elements of interactivity, access and flexibility make having a websites for mobile phones a dynamic and effective communication tool.

WAP Push and how does it relates to mobile websites

WAP Push is a type of message that consists of a link to a web address where more comprehensive content is stored for viewing or downloading. The fundamental difference between WAP Push and other types of message is the level of interactivity which can be engineered.

As hardware technology advances, more and more mobile devices are being designed to work with web browsers, allowing users to view web pages without the typical limitations of a small screen. Mobile related content, such as games, applets, weather, stock updates, news updates, email and advertisements all use WAP Push.

How can a mobile phone website benefit your business?

WAP Push messages do not require specialised technology, meaning they can be distributed using an SMPP or HTTP connection. They can also be sent using either a GSM mobile phone or a standard computer modem.

The endless possibilities available to the end user on a web page through a WAP Push message link, means marketers can send very simple and cost effective hook messages, enticing users into rich and engaging experiences, including:

  • Links to surveys and questionnaires
  • Links to online product showcases
  • Links to discussion chats and forums
  • Links to interactive games
  • Links to online stories and mobile downloads

With the number of mobile device users expanding at a dramatic rate, embracing new and developing mobile technologies every day, can your business survive without a website built for mobile phones?

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