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HLR Lookup service – clean, relevant data at an affordable price

Home Location Register or HLR is the main database in which information is stored concerning each and every subscriber to a particular mobile communication network. The database stores every SIM card given out by a mobile phone service provider. Unique identification codes are built into the SIM card in the form of primary and secondary codes. These are stored in the HLR database for as long as the mobile phone user subscribes to a mobile service network. HLR also stores a record of the services available to the subscriber, location updates of the subscriber, call divert and access to packet services.

Your business can access all of this data with our HLR Lookup service.

The benefits to your business that HLR lookup can bring

HLR Lookup is a feature that allows you to process large batches of individual mobile phone numbers, validating them and recording them online to a specified storage area. HLR Lookup also allows you to scan whether the subscriber number is valid and active and which service network it belongs to.

The benefits of HLR Lookup for your business:

  • Reduced cost by weeding out bad or inactive phone numbers
  • Cleaning out of bad numbers from the database
  • Identification of ‘ported’ numbers (ported numbers are subscribers who have switched to other service networks while retaining their original phone number)
  • Removing wasted effort and costs when sending SMS messages or calling dead numbers
  • Lookup numbers in other countries
  • Easily managed online
  • Can be simply integrated into your existing business systems

HLR Lookup is an essential database management tool and should be accessed regularly to ensure a clean list of contacts for your mobile marketing efforts.

Don’t waste your marketing budget on dead mobile numbers. Enjoy the highest quality mobile phone data with our HLR Lookup system. Contact BusinessGen today on 029 2009 0293 to see what we can do for you.