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Mobile advertising campaigns that really boost your sales

Let BusinessGen make a difference to the way you communicate with your customers. By introducing new and inventive mobile advertising campaigns, we can help you increase brand awareness, change perceptions, create allegiances and increase sales.

As a leading mobile advertising company, we can help deliver:

  • Specific mobile messages that target narrow sectors
  • Low cost campaigns compared to other media
  • Access to huge numbers on a highly targeted basis
  • Genuine opportunities to generate sales

BusinessGen – the premier mobile advertising company

Through any combination of graphics, video, text, images and music, BusinessGen can deliver high quality mobile advertising campaigns, available through opt-in messaging, specific text back request numbers, or even proximity marketing, as a target enters the range of a blue tooth server.

Marketing to today’s consumers is a challenge, and although the mobile phone provides a perfect route into their personal space, a less than captivating communication could produce a damaging and often irretrievably negative perception.

Having undertaken extensive research and with valuable experience and understanding of all the technical, creative, emotional and cultural processes, BusinessGen has valuable insight into producing content which creates a good response in the target audience.

  • Engage target consumers in their preferred media
  • Create desirable content that triggers a response
  • Promote brand values through consumer allegiance

To find out how BusinessGen’s mobile marketing campaigns can benefit your organisation, contact us today on 029 2009 0293.