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Inbound SMS Service

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Inbound SMS provides invaluable customer interaction

An inbound SMS is a text message, which is sent to your business from a potential customer or subscriber. The SMS message is routed to your company via the Internet. A self-managed and uncomplicated web based control panel is provided for managing your SMS auto-response and SMS message forwarding options. With the use of keywords, your SMS shortcode number can be used for managing multiple SMS services. Add in integration with your SMS contacts and other additional fine-tuning features and the result makes for a very versatile and powerful inbound SMS service.
Example: Text OFFER to 60800

Customise your Inbound SMS campaign with BusinessGen

Your company can elicit an inbound SMS from potential customers and subscribers in the following campaigns:

  • Television and radio competitions
  • Interactive television and radio debates where opinions from viewers and listeners are invited
  • Gambling and entertainment
  • User-generated content such as blogs, videos and images
  • SMS or MMS voting
  • All types of advertising

BusinessGen offers you a powerful and easy-to-use system of inbound SMS routing, which integrates easily with your company’s products and services to maximise profits. For any further information or to request a quote, please call 029 2009 0293 now.