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Text messaging services offer instant, directed marketing

Riding hard on the wave of mobile telephony, text messaging services have boomed across the globe. Short Message Service (SMS) messages were initially considered as a poor substitute for an actual verbal conversation, though today SMS traffic has actually surpassed voice phone calls in terms of sheer numbers.

Why our text messaging services are vital

  • There has been a 38% increase in texting in the last 12 months
  • 217 million text messages are sent each day in the UK
  • 71 million registered mobile phones in the UK
  • 95% of text messages are read
  • 75% of text messages are read immediately!

Costing usually less than 70% of what a voice call costs, our text messaging services are not only direct, and customised to suit particular recipients, they are also far cheaper and less intrusive. Text messaging services can render thousands of call centres completely obsolete and is a far more instant and direct method of marketing than other more traditional approaches, such as sending a letter or advertising on the radio. When you consider the costs of the infrastructure which must be in place to operate a call centre, or a direct mailing facility, then the benefits of text messaging services become obvious.

All it takes is one call to BusinessGen. Our specialist SMS marketing strategists will work closely with your organisation to create an alluring, innovative message, focused on a precise target market.

The complete text messaging service – tailored to suit your needs

  • The ability to send and receive SMS communications
  • Dedicated and shared SMS Short Codes – i.e. voting for television programmes, responding to promotional schemes and offers and requesting services such as news, weather and sports updates
  • Premium SMS billing between 25 pence and £10.00 – premium SMS can be subscription or onetime services, Examples include voting for shows like Big Brother and X Factor, live sports score updates, SMS dating and horoscopes, to name but a few.
  • Bulk SMS broadcast (managed service or self-serve)
  • Text to Win promotions
  • SMS competitions and quizzes
  • Charity SMS donations
  • SMS vouchers for retail redemption
  • SMS to Email
  • Free, unlimited telephone and email support

If you would like to discuss our text messaging services and the options available to your business, speak with one of our specialist account handlers on 029 2009 0293 today.