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Providing mobile phone marketing databases for targeted SMS campaigns

In order to succeed when implementing an outbound SMS marketing campaign you must first target an audience who are likely to be receptive to the information you are providing, and interested in purchasing the products and services you offer. The selection of the audience to target is by far the most important aspect of any marketing campaign, and at BusinessGen we are confident we have the mobile marketing database to meet your needs.

Cost effective SMS campaigns with our mobile marketing database

Currently the most cost effective form of direct marketing is through SMS text messaging direct to customers’ mobiles. Carefully crafted, creative yet simple text messages not only generate extremely good response rates, but manage to do so at a cost per unit which is extremely favourable in comparison to other mediums such as phone calls, direct mail and advertising.

With this in mind, at BusinessGen our mobile marketing database holds over 11 million pieces of categorised data to be used for mobile marketing campaigns, and we are confident we could find just the right selection of information for you. Examples of the comprehensive databases on offer include:

  • Insurance renewals
  • Consumer selections
  • Tradesmen’s files
  • Charity givers
  • Business owners

And importantly, all the data we store in our databases is from consumers who have ‘opted in’, ensuring they are receptive and interested in any related SMS marketing campaigns.

For further information regarding our mobile marketing database and the invaluable consumer data we can provide your organisation, please call BusinessGen on 029 2009 0293.