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The purpose of Recycle Text is to provide SMS reminders for scheduled events, aimed at Local Authority Waste Services and enabling the EU Gold Standard in recycling to be met by these waste services.


We will provide increased efficiency in recycling via SMS messaging and QR short codes. These SMS messages will advise subscribed council tax payers what needs to be left for collection and when it should be put out. Allowing council tax payers to recycle with confidence and avoid fines for incorrectly recycled waste. We will be targeting local authorities for this purpose as they make several paper mailings per year and the yearly cost of this system is roughly equal to just one of these postal mailings./p>


Council Tax payers will be sure they are recycling correctly and they would be likely to recycle more

All waste taken out should be collected preventing our streets from being littered with rubbish that has been disturbed by the elements or wildlife

A single mail-out for Local authorities would cost approximately £150,000 based on 100,000 tax payers at £1.50 per mail-out. An SMS can be sent for as little as 3p per mail-out which gives an attractive saving of 98% per time

Recycle Text would allow councils to increase efficiency and achieve the European Gold Standard for recycling, therefore avoiding the fines set for not achieving targets (£100,000 per percent not achieved)

Correctly collected waste also has benefits for creating energy from recyclables and saves money on using landfill which is currently sold at £70 to £80 per tonne making the product attractive to waste management concerns


The SMS/QR short codes system is ready to use

We have run a test for Cardiff City council and they are using an SMS based system and exceeding recycling targets across the board on recycling.

We have a meeting with the Welsh Assembly Government in the next two weeks to discuss the benefits of this system to local and national government