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Be a part of the SMS marketing revolution with BusinessGen

The phenomenal growth of the mobile phone market in the UK and worldwide over the past decade has left many sections of the business world trailing in its wake. Many successful organisations have started to rely on the advertising opportunities this new technology provides. The capabilities of SMS marketing are limitless, as can be gauged by its extensive reach, low cost, exceptional response rates and high retention value.

The recipe for success in the world of business SMS marketing is a simple one. Identify a target market and engage readers by offering solutions to their potential needs and wants.

Individuals or organisations wishing to deploy SMS marketing may wish to consider the following:

  • Objectives should be defined clearly. Establish your target market, identify a change in consumer behaviour, and summarise the SMS message you wish to convey;
  • Content, as always, is key. You must be concise and economical while shaping your business SMS. Keeping messages simple and brief are key elements to achieving impact with SMS marketing;
  • Good data is essential. The success of business SMS is highly dependent on the quantity and quality of entries in your database. If your marketing data has a good quantity of qualified customers, SMS marketing will be highly effective.

Please note that if you do not currently have an extensive database suitable for SMS marketing, then BusinessGen are able to provide you with specific ‘opted-in’ data to match your industry.

Designing tailor-made SMS marketing solutions

Business SMS marketing can be extremely effective in regard to time-based promotional offers and notifications – such as sale and discount alerts, teasers, contests and product updates. Furthermore, it allows businesses to correctly monitor the delivery of SMS marketing messages, and quantify the response generated.

SMS marketing solutions can be successfully integrated with other processes such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Automated payments
  • Delivery and transit
  • Market surveys
  • Time-sensitive marketing promotions, such as event notifications
  • Follow-up activities such as after-sales service

BusinessGen offers customised SMS marketing solutions for national and international customers. Our team of SMS experts help clients select the perfect strategy to yield maximum results.

For further information regarding SMS marketing strategies for your business, please call on 029 2009 0293.