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Bulk SMS turns mobile phones into powerful marketing tools

Bulk texts are a highly effective SMS solution for organisations with large customer databases that need to produce marketing campaigns on a frequent basis. This is facilitated by a sophisticated system which enables the sender to contact thousands of customers with a single click. Compared with print, outdoor and online advertising, using bulk SMS gives an impact – and price – that ensures a far reaching, cost effective marketing campaign.

Bulk texts are used by our clients, to a great degree of success, for a whole host of applications:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Product launches
  • News updates
  • Contests and quizzes
  • Discount alerts
  • Mobile ticketing and reservation coupons
  • Transportation and merchandise updates
  • Banking
  • Mobile auction services

Instantly reaping the rewards with a bulk SMS campaign

75% of people read a text message upon receipt, meaning that within a few minutes, three quarters of your target market will be viewing a personalised, relevant message offering services or products they are interested in.

Many of the most successful organisations in the UK use bulk text messages to market their products and services. With the use of mobiles increasing, and the cost of new phones and rates decreasing, your business can start taking advantage of a cost efficient and reliable new way of marketing.

BusinessGen is one of the UK’s leading bulk SMS service providers. We offer bulk text message marketing solutions to national and international clients. For further information call 029 2009 0293 today.