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BusinessGen SMS Gateway – a cost effective tool of the trade

First things first – what exactly is an SMS gateway? Basically, it is a system or device which enables the sending and receiving of SMS messages across a mobile network. In the UK and overseas, SMS gateways are commonly used for a number of simple yet effective marketing and communication functions. The process usually involves:

  • Sending SMS messages to user lists via a PC
  • And/or receiving SMS messages to a PC through a mobile network

SMS Gateways through a PC usually requires direct connection to the mobile network. This can be achieved in one of two ways – either by installing a SIM card in the gateway device, or by establishing an agreement with a mobile network provider.

The growing popularity of SMS Gateways

With text messaging becoming increasingly popular as a fast, direct and efficient mode of communication, the potential for an SMS gateway to become your most effective marketing tool is highly apparent. Using this technology in business applications has tremendous advantages:

  • The ability to reach anyone, anywhere in the world instantly
  • The ability to send SMS messages using a standard internet connection
  • Multiple routing or dedicated routes for swift message delivery
  • A simple two-way messaging service using a short code application
  • Support for bulk SMS messaging
  • Opportunity to enjoy a highly cost-effective process

Choosing your SMS Gateway UK service provider

In recognition of the growth and future potential of SMS gateways, many companies have been busy developing support applications. When purchasing SMS gateway services from these specialised providers, individuals and businesses alike should consider the following:

  • Thoroughly research and test the gateway interface. Ensure it is relatively easy to use and does not require any special training
  • Ensure the gateway offers access via HTTPS (a secured internet connection) for account management
  • Make sure the service offers detailed reports of sent and received messages
  • Always seek a service with multiple routing options for quick delivery

For a fully customised SMS gateway service, look no further than BusinessGen. We offer professional mobile technology marketing services. Contact us today on 029 2009 0293.