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UK short codes – increasing the success rate of adverts

It is virtually impossible not to have seen a TV or heard a radio program asking you to SMS your vote to a short number. These truncated numbers are known as short codes. An example is “text VOTE followed by A, B or C to 60800“.

Short codes are commonly used for services such as:

  • Voting for television programs
  • Ordering ringtones
  • Responding to promotional schemes and offers
  • Large scale advertising
  • Request services such as news, weather and sports updates as well as many other services being devised all the time

One of the many advantages of UK short codes is easy retention. After all, a simple five digit code is easier to communicate, remember and respond to. This makes it ideal for situations when time is a priority. A short code is also the perfect way to invite audience participation without the worries of whether the audience will be able to recall the number.

Short codes create direct interaction

Short codes allow you to engage directly with your target audience in an instant. The responses generated in this way can be used as input for follow-up calls and confirmations. Since text message short codes are a two-way SMS system, they also enable you to capture the phone number of each respondent.

Long term interaction with your target audience can also be established by asking them to subscribe to a particular service or content feed, which regularly sends updates or service content to respondents until they decide to terminate the service.

Short codes are available worldwide

Text message short codes can be deployed almost anywhere in the world where there is a phone network service provider. While marketing experts have just begun exploiting the possibilities of the short code, there are a whole host of areas yet to be explored.

Options for the use of text message short codes include:

  • Dedicated short codes – five digit numbers you can include on sales and marketing campaigns to initiate contact – TEXT 60800 to request a call back
  • Shared short codes – the same short code is shared by many different businesses for a more cost effective option – TEXT SALE to 60800, the keyword SALE will decipher which business the message is intended for.

Both dedicated and shared shortcodes are available in the UK with a range of FREE tariff options available. Standard network charges apply, as well as a premium, chosen by you, ranging from 25p to £10. BusinessGen offers a shortcodes facility from only £35 per month!

Contact us today on 029 2009 0293 to discover how UK short codes can help your business thrive.