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2 Way SMS – a one-to-one chat with your customers without a phone call

A 2 Way SMS is rather self explanatory, in that communication is facilitated between a business and a customer via the medium of an SMS text message. In mainstream SMS marketing, the process is used to gather important sales information from customers, or to directly generate revenue via a premium rate 2 Way SMS service. And with BusinessGen’s alpha tagging technology, outbound messages can display the company name, rather than the sender’s number, thereby increasing brand recognition.

There are two forms a 2 Way SMS can take:

  • Mobile Originated – with a mobile originated 2 Way SMS, a business publicises a number or short code for consumers to send SMS text messages. Here the first contact is from the customer, ensuring an interest in the product or service on offer, resulting in hot leads for the sales team. Companies mainly use this service to allow specifically targeted consumers to request information on products or services they are interested in. A 2 Way SMS then allows the business to reply in the form best suited to the inquiry, which may be a follow-up SMS, a thank you message, or an automated response confirming receipt of the consumer’s SMS, with additional sales material attached.
  • Mobile Terminated – in this case the business targets clients by initiating the first contact. An interested recipient will then reply, opening the door for follow-up marketing, details of special offers etc. For this option to work a company needs to have in place an accurate and timely database of potential clients, to ensure efforts are not being wasted on recipients who are unlikely to have any interest in the products or services on offer. An effective example of a mobile terminated system in practice might be a bookseller, sending an SMS to established customers, stating: “Show this message to any member of staff over the coming weekend and receive 15% off The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown”.

2 Way SMS Application Providers

It is easy to run SMS marketing campaigns due to an easy to use integrated platform, which handles in-and-out-bound messages. Using an Application Programming Interface (API) is a simple technical implementation.

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